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Careers in Logistics and Supply Chain

18 October 2022 

Why you should start a career in Logistics and Supply Chain.

Careers in logistics and supply chain are rewarding with competitive salaries, providing opportunities to travel in some roles, including international travel.
Roles tend to involve critical thinking and problem solving on a daily basis.

There is a vast range of careers available in this interesting, diverse, and vitally important sector. A career in logistics and supply chain means you will be the one responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the supply chain or parts of it, whether it’s working out timetables, ensuring vehicles are available, securing storage space or driving and delivering the goods themselves. There are a range of great career paths in logistics and supply chain, including operative roles (e.g., working in a warehouse or driving a Heavy Goods Vehicle) and management and supervisory roles (e.g., developing and implementing logistics plans or analysing and
optimising logistics frameworks).

Additionally, a career path in logistics and supply chain may take you into procurement or warehouse and inventory management. In these roles, the responsibilities revolve around accounting for every item in the warehouse and ensuring that there are enough materials present to keep production and distribution running smoothly.

If this the career path is for you see full booklet for more information on how to how to change your career pathways and options available to those considering a career in the sector.