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Economic Recovery Plan 2021 has been published by the Government

2 June 2021 

Economic Recovery Plan 2021


The impact of COVID-19 on our society and economy has been unprecedented, severe and uneven, and the Government has intervened at unparalleled levels throughout all stages, to help and support our people and businesses as well as to limit the ‘scarring’, or permanent, effects of the pandemic. With the vaccines roll out comprehensively underway, the economy is opening up in clear phases, and the Government is determined to create an environment for balanced economic recovery and to provide certainty and clarity for businesses and workers for the period ahead also.

The new phase of supports and policies contained within this Plan will invest in businesses and workers; help people get back into work, training or education; provide enhanced and more targeted support for sectors that may lag behind, and invest in infrastructure and reforms that enhance our capability and long-term capacity for growth.

This Economic Recovery Plan is broken down into four Pillars, working together towards a sustainable jobs-led recovery:

Pillar 1: Ensuring robust, sustainable public finances;
Pillar 2: Helping people back into work by extending labour market supports and through intense activation and skills, the plan also addresses youth unemployment;
Pillar 3: Re-building sustainable enterprises through targeted supports and policies to make enterprises more resilient and productive; and
Pillar 4: Supporting a balanced and inclusive recovery through strategic investment, regional development and a focus on improving living standards.

This Plan will help kick start a jobs rich recovery, helping the sectors and workers most impacted. It reaffirms the Government’s commitment to extend key existing supports and to taper these off gradually over time as trading conditions improve in line with the easing of public health restrictions. Importantly supports target those sectors and businesses who will continue to be most impacted in the early stages of recovery.

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National-Economic-Recovery-Plan.pdf (size 2.3 MB)