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ECML Language for Work Training and Consultancy event - Save the Date!

25 August 2021 

Language for Work (LfW): Supporting Work-Related Second Language (L2) Learning in Ireland 


This event will take place on 30th Sept and 1st October 2021 from 09.00am -13.30pm and it will focus on assisting employers address language challenges with ethnic workers in the workplace. 

We would ask that potential participants to save the dates  and complete an expression of interest  HERE to get further details about registration in late August delivered straight to your inbox.

This event is being jointly organised by Limerick and Clare ETB and the University of Limerick in collaboration with European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML).

For more information, please download this leaflet: ECML_LanguageForWork_Flier_July2021.pdf (size 229 KB)