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New Green Training for the Hospitality Industry!

19 April 2021 

Fifty Shades Greener & Educational Training Boards Green Programme for the Hospitality Industry


The Fifty Shades Greener programme is for Hotel or Accommodation providers, restaurants or visitor centres with large use of energy & water and production of waste.

The course is aimed at the Green Team of an organisation, giving them the knowledge they need to implement an energy, water and waste management system at their properties.

The courses include the following:

1. Establishing baselines & Green KPI’s (Carbon calculations)

2. Monthly benchmarking of utilities

3. Short, easy to follow videos for the Green Manager & Green Team that will show them simple actions to implement at their business to either control or reduce their use of energy and water and production of waste.

4. Short and easy to follow videos, to train all staff members of each organisation. This means that the new course will embed sustainability practices and spread green messaging to all employees of each organisation taking part, and not only to the Green Managers.

5. Workbooks and charts to help the students complete each task, plus additional resources Action Plans, Staff Induction Handbooks and Guest Information folder.

Learning Objectives:

  • To get businesses started at a low level of sustainable practices and creating their first Environmental Management System.
  • To establish the industries baseline of use of energy, water and waste.
  • To identify opportunities for cost savings & reduction of utilities.
  • To implement small actions that will see a reduction of utilities by the e-learners, so that they have a desire to continue Greening their business far beyond this programme.
  • To make sustainability make sense to business owners showing cost savings.
  • To spread a culture of sustainability amongst all staff members of the businesses that engage with the programme.

KWETB is leading the project. Businesses will be able to apply to receive the Green Business Online Programme, or engage with a trainer from their local Educational Training Board.

Registration is available now on

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