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Graduate & Internship Opportunities for 2022 - NUIG Business School

7 October 2021 

The NUI Galway School of Business are formally opening the Placement Process for School of Business MSc students on Monday 11th October 


We are particularly interested in Placement/Internship and Graduate roles with start dates from March 2022. Any sort of business roles work for us as we have a wide variety of skill sets within the student groups.

Below are some examples of roles we filled in 2020 and 2021.

Business Operations

strategy & innovation, international operations, supply chain, change management, Sales, client engagement, business admin, customer service, etc.


admin, compliance, communication, recruitment, training, benefits,  change management, etc.

Finance & Banking

operations, customer analysis, process analysis, change, etc.


strategy, international operations, change management, supply chain, manufacturing operations, process analysis, etc


analysis, systems engineer, database admin, software development, etc

Sales & Marketing

strategy, analysis, emerging markets, international operations, market research, communication, digital,  social media, sales


Irish, Finnish, German, Spanish, French, Latvian, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi


How it works:

  • Send us your Job specs
  • We advertise your role to our students and they apply.
  • We send you CV’s and you shortlist for interview
  • Interview is virtual
  • Offer  ( students accept their first offer and will not apply for further roles)

We are flexible, to suit your business needs – engage in any of the following ways!

Internship Role

Student completes accredited Internship Module

During the internship timeframe, students will complete an Applied Management Report.

Starts: 28 March 2022 (must begin on/before 11 April)

Academic Finish:  29 July 2022 

Employers can offer longer contracts, in accordance with business needs

Graduate Position


Option 1

Student completes accredited Internship Module, alongside their Graduate position

Alongside the graduate position, students will complete an Applied Management Report as above

Starts: 28 March 2022 (must begin on/before 11 April)

Academic Finish:  29 July 2022 

Graduate Position


Option 2

Student completes accredited Dissertation Module in their own time.

Starts: From April 2022

Good to know:

  • Our students come from a variety of undergraduate programmes and some even have industry experience and languages.
  • We are flexible on contract lengths.  Start dates are more rigid because of academic timelines.
  • The goal is to combine academic study and workplace experience to stimulate the creative application of knowledge to real-workplace problems. 
  • Ideally, the Report should expand the students educational experience while providing valuable insights for you, the host organisation. 
  • Contribution to the students’ academic report is at the organisations discretion. It can be discussed at a later stage.
  • Many organisations have used this opportunity to test and hire excellent graduate talent

If you are interested, visit NUID Career Development Centre's website or contact Brid Connolly on