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GRETB Women's Wellbeing 8-week programme

30 November 2022 

 Women's Wellbeing 8-week Programme

GRETB – Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board and Petersburg Outdoor Education 

As you all well know, it is so important to keep women in the workplace throughout all of their life stages. It is a shame to lose a wealth of knowledge and experience in an organisation.

 A recent survey showed that 84% of women respondents admit that menopause symptoms affect their performance and ability in the workplace. Almost 4 in 10 women have considered quitting their job because of devastating menopause symptoms.

 Lets be the change makers!

 Our Women’s Wellbeing Programme aims to help organisations to retain those valuable team members.

  1. Inform women about female Hormones, Menstrual cycles & Menopause.
  2. Women on the importance of self-awareness & recognising changes to their bodies.
  3. Learn how to track symptoms & changes to use when speaking to their health care professional.
  4. Examine Wellbeing as a holistic approach. Exercise, Nutrition, Mindfulness & Body Literacy. 5 Ways to Wellbeing.
  5. Discuss creating a “Meno-Confident” organisation.
  6. Small changes with a big impact.
  7. Create a list of resources & information.

 Please see the attached documents for further information on our 8 week programme (2hours per week approx.)

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