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IMD World Talent Rankings 2020

5 January 2021 

The IMD World Talent ranking was released on 12th November 2020.

Ireland’s place remains unchanged at 18th out of 63 countries for the second year, up 3 places from 21st in 2018, and down from a high of 6th in 2014.

The top 10 countries as ranked by the report are:


  1. Denmark
  2. Luxemburg (up from 5th)
  3. Iceland (up from 7th)
  4. Sweden (down from 3)
  5. Austria (down from 4th)
  6. Norway (down from 6th)
  7. Canada (up from 13th)
  8. Singapore (up from 10th)
  9. Netherlands (down from 9th)

Key points for Ireland

 Ireland remained unchanged in the rankings at 18th.

  • There have been increases in ranking for the overall Investment and Development heading as well as 4 indicators within that area, and also in 6 indicators of Readiness.
  • Ireland’s ranking in labour force growth increased significantly by 16 places from 21st place to 5th place.
  • Readiness of university education meeting the needs of a competitive economy increased 9 places to 11th place.
  • Top 10 for worker motivation, foreign highly skilled people, remuneration in services professions, finance skills, international experience and readiness of primary and secondary education, as well as the overall area of readiness.
  • Weaknesses flagged: Total public expenditure in education (54th), apprenticeships (42nd) and language skills (decreased 46th from 38th).

Read the full report here