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Launch of NUI Galway’s Designing Futures programme

11 January 2022 

Online Launch of NUI Galway’s Designing Futures programme on 12th of January 2022 at noon. 

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Designing Futures is a new flagship initiative in NUI Galway that has been awarded €7.57m in funding for a period of 5 years. The aim of this programme is to enhance our graduates’ employability, through promoting greater engagement with civic society, community and enterprise during their studies, while enhancing their overall education and preparedness for life in the challenging future now emerging, post-pandemic.  


There are four core pillars to Designing Futures:   


  • Student success coaching, incorporating an innovative personal development module, Designing Your Life (DYL), based on this approach developed by Stanford University.   
  • A new state of the art human centred design studio: IdeasLab, which intersects with our enterprise partners to develop curricular and co-curricular experiences driven by design thinking, technology-enhanced learning, curiosity, creativity and empathy.   
  • A new suite of modules focused on trans-disciplinary learning, promoting innovative thinking and problem-solving across the university curriculum. 
  • Modelled on the approach of Georgia Institute of Technology, vertically integrated projects (VIPs), which bring together multidisciplinary teams of staff and students to solve research challenges in culture, enterprise and society.   


 Join us at the online Designing Futures Launch