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Looking to enter the area of Remote Work.

15 February 2021 

LOETB, in collaboration with IDA Ireland, SOLAS, and Grow Remote, has created a training program to develop the skillset required

As an 8 week fully funded program, with a minimum mandatory time investment of 12 hours per week split between the remote skills element of the course and the customer service module. 
The contact hours for the course are broken into, on average, 3 meetings for the remote work element of the course and 2-3 meetings for the customer service module (depending on the week) each week.


The areas covered in this course are as follows:


An assigned facilitator will work with the group for the duration of the program with guest speakers invited in regularly. Introduction to Remote Work Ready. The following is a list of modules. 

Introduction to Virtual Communications Culture in the Workplace Individual Differences and Working Remotely Transferable Skills The Virtual Hiring Process Introduction to Linkedin Case Studies & Scenario Planning

 To apply please click this link below which will bring you to a landing page that then links to the Fetch page of the course:

 As part of this program, participants are also brought into the wider Grow Remote community where they can gain support and learn from people who are currently working remotely.  One of the powerful things about Grow Remote is giving people support on different levels, allowing them to gradually develop skills and confidence to find and apply for jobs with great companies.