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MTU & Irish Bioeconomy Foundation - BIObec

19 April 2022 

MTU & Irish Bioeconomy Foundation - BIObec (EU funded Bioeconomy Education research project): Co-Creating a Regional Bio-Based Education Centre (Ireland event)


Join Munster Technological University (MTU) and the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation (IBF) on May 5th from 11am-1pm to collaborate in the Co-creation Workshop.


The aim of the Project is to create a network of Bio-Based Education Centres (BBEC) to meet industry needs, and to boost the contribution of the bioeconomy to meet societal challenges. 


With its cross-cutting nature, the bioeconomy offers a unique opportunity to address complex and inter-connected challenges, while achieving economic growth. It can assist Europe in making the transition to a more resource efficient society that relies more strongly on renewable biological resources to satisfy consumers' needs, industry demand and tackle climate change. Participating in the May 5th co-creation workshop hosted by MTU, and IBF can contribute towards the vision and design of an ideal BBEC in the Irish regional context. 


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