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New Certificate in Emerging Digital Technologies

19 April 2021 

ICT Skillnet is launching an online Certificate in Emerging Technologies


A key challenge identified by industry is that there is an urgent need for individuals from non-technical backgrounds who are managing functions/business units to understand the new technology lexicon. There is confusion about the business benefit and return on investment if these new technologies are to be embraced and deployed.

This led ICT Skillnet to creating the Certificate in Emerging Digital Technologies with support from Engineers Ireland and industry partners. This online Certificate will give that individual a better understanding of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity amongst others, to empower them to make better business decisions while adding new knowledge to their individual learning portfolios.

 The cost of the certificate is heavily grant-aided by Skillnet Ireland and costs only €875.00 for a twelve week/one semester/level 7/20 ECTS programme. 

For more information please see the ICT Skillnet brochure:

Cert-in-Emerging-Digital-Technology.pdf (size 4.1 MB)