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Placements/internships for Undergraduate and Consumer Psychology

24 January 2023 

School of Psychology, University of Galway

Main details: 

  1. There is no specific guidance on the type of work that the students should do but ideally it would make use of their skills in writing, research, collaboration and/or organisation
  2. They will last for 12 or 16 weeks
  3. There is a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week
  4. It is up to the provider whether the placement is paid
  5. The placements are marked through reflection exercises
  6. The placement provider does not need to write a report


The undergrad placements would run from Jan to March (approx. 12 weeks) and the consumer psychology placements would run from April to July (approx. 16 weeks).


Student Profiles

Undergraduate students

The undergraduate students in Psychology will be in their third year. They typically have high points on entry to university and will have completed two years of psychology, including social psychology and research methods.


Consumer Psychology

Students in Consumer Psychology have completed a primary degree to a high level (2:1 or above) and, before the placement, will have completed an international business project and modules in consumer psychology, data science, decision making, consumers across cultures and business contexts and sustainable consumption (I can provide more details if needed). They are typically highly motivated towards industry careers.

 For more info contact School of Psyschology