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Post Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Managers

12 July 2021 

AI for Managers NUI Galway - Post Graduate Level 9 - 1 Year Certificate


The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to grow very quickly, as techniques which have been proposed over decades are finally being shown to work. Milestones and grand challenges are being achieved. There is no prospect of AI growth slowing in the coming decades. Business leaders need to know how to strategise, envision projects, and hire and manage teams, without needing to become programmers.

This 1-year online programme, designed by NUI Galway, is aimed at candidates who are currently employed in industry in Ireland, in management roles. It will also be suitable for candidates who are transitioning to a management role.

Although the programme will equip graduates with broad understanding of AI techniques, it will not require them to learn programming or mathematics to succeed. Instead, it will focus on understanding AI at a more strategic and practical level:
• What techniques are available?
• How can a particular technique add value for my company?
• What data is needed?
• What skills do my team need?
• How do I track project progress?
• What are the legal issues for my company and what are the implications for society?

Course details:

  • AI for Managers - Post Graduate Level 9 Certificate - Duration: 1 academic year with NUI Galway (no technical experience required)
  • Commencing September 2021
  • itag member price: €2,495 / non-members: € 3,995
  • Closing Date for Applications: 27th August 2021
  • Apply: send you CV to 
Find out more about the programme by downloading this document:itag-Skillnet-Leaflet-Post-Grad-AI-(V3).pdf (size 451.9 KB)