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Retail Technologies and Future Skills Report

30 November 2020 

Retail Technologies and Future Skills Report November 2020 available.  

This report provides a very important, comprehensive and timely insight into these underlying technological trends reshaping Irish retail. It examines how digital innovation is changing customer habits and business strategies. Importantly, it looks at how retailers must respond to succeed in this environment.


See report here

The report is not just about technology, however, it is about people.  The sector accounts for 12% of national GDP and pays €7 billion in tax revenue to the State, it also employs nearly 300,000 people in every city, town, and village across the country. The pressing challenge is to cultivate, develop and align the skills, talent and innovation that exists in our people and our organisations, in a way that embraces new opportunities and new ways of working.

This report sets out a comprehensive range of recommendations for retail businesses, policy makers, and education and training providers across a range of key areas. It looks at what is needed to create workplaces where knowledge, ideas and skills are shared, and new quality career paths developed.

Retail Ireland and Retail Ireland Skillnet look forward to supporting the next phase of the sector’s development, working with policy makers and education and training providers to put people, skills, and innovation at the very heart of the sector’s future.