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Meet new leaders of the Sales Professionals Network Steering Group

24 May 2021 

New Chair and Co-Chair of the Sales Professionals Network Steering Group!

We are thrilled to announced, that at the meeting on 19th May, the Sales Professionals Network Steering Group appointed Kathrin Koedderitz as a new Chair and Donal Murphy as Co-Chair.


Kathrin Koedderitz is Director EMEA at Globalization Partners. She moved to Galway from the US to build up the Globalization Partners EMEA Sales team. Kathrin  has more than 10 years experience in managing strategic and complex international sales processes, from startups to corporate business. She is passionate about successfully scaling sales teams across the world and empowering talent to become the best Salesperson they can be.


Donal Murphy is Head of Sales & Marketing at the indigenous company Intuity. Donal has more than 10 years of sales experience and he is also an accomplished trainer. He is passionate about sales, business growth and networking.

Sales Professionals Network Steering Group focuses its work on the four core points: networkingsupporting regional growthcreating framework which could be shared with other regions and engaging in advocacy for sales in the west of Ireland. 

The Group also creates a positive image of sales as a profession,  focuses on engaging with young people at the start of their career in sales, supports entrepreneurs through all stages of their sales careers, shares the group’s knowledge and experience and supports regional growth by engaging with representatives of the industry and people in leadership positions.

If you are interested in becoming a SPN member or joining the Steering Group, contact us at