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Skillnet's online event with Andy Bounds.

25 January 2022 

Skillnet's online event with Andy Bounds.

Proposals are important. The better yours are, the more sales you’ll win.

But they aren’t easy to get right!  They can take a long time to write.  Often, late at night.  It isn’t easy to know what to include in them.  And then, even after we’ve written them, customers often don’t reply as quickly as we’d like. In fact, sometimes they ghost us, and don’t reply at all! If any of these things sound familiar, we have some good news for you…Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year Andy Bounds is going to run another FREE Masterclass for us, “Brilliant Proposals”.  During it, he will teach us proposal best practices, to give you new skills and boost your proposal writing confidence.


Wednesday, March 2nd1.00pm - 2.30pm

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