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9 January 2017 

TechInnovate Intrapreneurship Training

A business’s greatest asset is its people. We've long known and accepted this - as skilled HR teams can attest to. But, in an increasingly challenging, noisy and competitive marketplace, with millennial job hopping becoming more common, retaining talent has become a core focus. Keeping the right people, allowing them to develop and deliver through their careers, and supporting them to unleash the full potential of their talent to the benefit of the business is now not only a "nice to do" but essential to the bottom line. The missed opportunity is to think of existing employees as just that - employees - when in reality they can be skilled, creative and innovative intrapreneurs. Sometimes the solution is right in front of you. By working with people already embedded in the business and its culture, who have a detailed understanding of its customers, a sense of the culture and a passion for the business they're already in and understand, we can upskill your high potential and top talent to develop scalable business innovations we would more routinely expect from external consultants. Why go outside when the talent already exists? By working with us, we will train a team of three from your company in the entrepreneurial principles and processes for creating innovation-driven enterprises, delivering skilled and engaged employees who can pursue new ideas that support the mission and vision of your company, and thereby supporting your company to launch new products and services or pursue new markets. To see some of our past results, click here for some testimonials, or you can click here for a more detailed outline of what the intrapreneurship training will look like.



Senior Lecturer

Co-Principal Investigator @Insight_Centre for Data Analytics

Unit Leader

Co-Founder,, Startup Galway, Galway City Innovation District / PorterShed