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Third Level QQI Support Programme - Find out how to apply!

26 July 2021 

Third Level QQI Programme Support - Galway Executive Skillnet


The majority of Galway Executive Skillnet's training support comes through the provision of a subsidised public training schedule for their  member companies, typically twice year with a spring and autumn schedule, where companies can purchase individual places on a shared learning programme with others.

Galway Executive Skillnet can also provide a limited amount of in-company support where an organisation has an internal need at a sufficient scale to warrant a group session.

While their funding support is targeted primarily at shared learning programmes (i.e. their public schedule), the objective of Third Level QQI Programme Support is to provide a small ring-fenced amount of support for companies who have an individual learner looking to upskill in a business-critical area by undertaking a third level (long-term) programme. This qualification should support both the company’s strategic objectives and the career progression path of the individual.

You can download the Application Guidelines here: Third_Level_QQI_Programme_Support_Application_Guidelines.pdf (size 654.7 KB) 

You can download the Application Form here: Third_Level_QQI_Programme_Support_Application_Form.docx (size 44.5 KB)