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1 June 2021 

The Galway Chamber's innitiative, Why Galway? which will seek to bring 40 foreign direct investment companies to the area over the next five years, generating approximately 3,000 additional jobs.


The new campaign which will also look to promote Galway and the west as a location for domestic enterprises and entrepreneurs. It is seeking to grow the total number of active enterprises in Galway city and county to 16,500 by 2026, supporting 80,000 people. The campaign will highlight the many advantages to enterprises from both home and abroad who choose to locate in Galway or the west. It will emphasise the appeal of the county professionally, culturally and educationally.

The thriving enterprise eco-system in Galway will also be accentuated, along with the vital space options in the city and county available through over 20 development hubs. Attention will also be brought to the flourishing med-tech and ICT sectors active in Galway, as well as the benefits of investing, working, living and studying in the west of Ireland. 

 As well as the Irish market, Why Galway will seek to connect with targeted audiences in China and Asia, the US, Britain and across Europe. 

The campaign is supported by Galway Chamber, Galway City Council and over 50 different stakeholder groups or organisations. 

The campaign will:

  • Make Why Galway a key focus for all future Galway Chamber trade missions and foreign engagements.
  • Promote the campaign messaging and resources as a focal point for all job creation agencies in their activity related to Galway and the western region.
  • Support NUI Galway and Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) in their outreach to non-domestic students and help to co-ordinate their engagement with enterprise incubation prospects.
  • Reinforce the work of Galway Technology Centre, Portershed and others as they build relationships with non local enterprises and entrepreneurs.
  • Launch a dedicated, one stop shop website resource, which will provide information on investing, working, living and studying in Galway.
  • Undertake targeted digital marketing and advertising activity in selected markets and locations.

Speaking about the campaign, Kenny Deery, CEO of Galway Chamber said, “In recent years Galway has become a hotbed of entrepreneurship and international business. We have witnessed the blossoming of the medtech and ICT sectors, with many enterprises recognising the appeal of Galway as a location. Now we want to ensure that growth continues and that is why we have launched Why Galway. The campaign aims to bring together all the many virtues of Galway and the west as an area to live and work. We are confident that the many benefits as a location provided by Galway and the entire region are striking a chord both internationally and domestically. Our research shows that we have a lot to offer in terms of enhanced work/ life balance, access to accommodation and education, access to business space, connectivity and from a cultural perspective."