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Regional Skills Forum West

The Regional Skills Forum West is established under the Department of Education and Skills. It is one of nine regional skills fora established nationwide in support of the National Skills Strategy 2025.   The purpose of the forum is to enhance links between education and training providers and business to ensure the skills needs of business are met to support job creation, sustainability of business and the availability of talented human resources.

This is mutually beneficial for education and business.  It is an opportunity to bring together all that is on offer in the region to develop and sustain the right skills for your business.  Connect in partnership with the Regional Skills Forum to fully understand the services available to business and to understand how business can support education and training in the region.

The Regional Skills Forum can support development of future employees, current employees and business growth through development of training programmes to meet your needs, funding, research, work placement, use of facilities and equipment, work place projects, entrepreneurship, and many more services.

West Regional Skills Forum - what is it?

The Forum Structure


West Regional Skills Forum Activities

If you have a skills shortage or would like further information on the West Regional Skills Forum contact:

Regional Skills Manager - West