West Provision Of Skills

Current programmes on offer across state education and training institutions 

The programmes in the attached file West Programmes Current Offer .xlsx (size 79.9 KB) are currently on offer across NUI Galway, GMIT, GRETB and MSLETB.  Other on demand programmes are on offer from Skillnets About Skillnets. Click on the programmes in this file West Programmes Current Offer .xlsx (size 79.9 KB) to link to  specific programme information on the respective Education or Training Institutions website.  This is a 'hold' document only until a database of the provision of skills in the region is ready for publishing. 

Note :  The International Standard Classification of Education - Fields of education and training 2013 (ISCED-F 2013)- Detailed field descriptions was used to categorise the programmes on offer. ISCED - Fields of Education & Training