Construction Industry Federation

Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Profile

The CIF represents the interests of contracting enterprises in the construction sector in Ireland.

It is a national organisation and seeks to engage with appropriate government bodies and industry stakeholders to develop a sustainable construction sector that can serve the Irish economy.

It is represented regionally and by sector – i.e. the construction sector consists of many sectors – main contracting, sub-contracting, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical all of which have specific needs and requirements to ensure a healthy and thriving industry.

The organisation is headquartered in Dublin but has regional offices in Cork & Galway.

Main strengths

  • The accepted national voice of the construction contracting sector.
  • National organisation that has a regional structure that can feed into the development of the needs of the economy.
  • Regional members who are committed to the development of their region.
  • Growing industry that currently employs directly 130,000 people and has the potential to grow to circa 180,000 people in the coming 4-5 years so creating much needed employment and economic activity.
  • Capability to deliver FDI projects so attracting employment


Services on offer to enterprise

CIF offers a range of services to members – IR , Contracting advice, Training, Health and safety.

Key projects with employers

Local business:

CIF, through its Manpower, Education and Training Committee (CMET) is interested in ensuring that the skills required to deliver construction projects are available locally. With this in mind, CMET is engaging with the appropriate stakeholders to seek to partner in the provision of routes for young people, school leavers, career changers etc. to consider a career in the construction sector. A sample of the projects we are involved in:

  • Recently launched to promote construction related apprentices.
  • Working with Laois Offaly ETB to develop and secure the future of the National Construction Training Centre.
  • CIF have just completed a booklet outlining the career opportunities in the sector for 3rd level students and for the first time including apprenticeships.
  • CIF has attended the “Higher Options” Careers Exhibition in 2015 and again in 2016